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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Benson's Concrete Cosmetics has listed a few commonly asked questions below to assist you in planning your new flooring.

Question: Do I have to have new concrete poured, or do you use my existing concrete?

Answer: We engrave and stain right into your existing slab or we can provide an overlay service that is like starting with a new canvas.  

Question: How much maintenance is involved in my new flooring?

Answer:  No additional irregular maintenance is needed.


Question: What is the approximate time of a project from start to finish?

Answer: Anywhere from one day to one week, dependent upon; square footage, detail of the design, weather, etc. 


Question: Can stain be applied if I have cracks in my concrete?  

Answer: Yes, while some cracks require additional prepping procedures and normally just add character to the overall appearance of the floor.

Question: If I have a new slab poured how soon can stain be applied? 

Answer: 30 to 45 days, slab needs to be fully cured.


Question: What is acid staining?

Answer: Acid staining is a permanent coloration process where a low acid based solution combined with natural metallic salts react with the lime present in the concrete. Whereas paint is just a coating for concrete and will chip and fade, acid stain colors are produced by a chemical reaction in the concrete resulting in a permanent coloring of the concrete surface that will not chip or fade.


Question? Will my concrete appear like the color shown on this web site?

Answer: Due the different make up of the concrete, porosity and several other factors, the stain may not exactly match the pictures shown. This fact enables your job to become one-of-a-kind! We perform stain samples on-site when possible to evaluate color options with our clients and make other adjustments to the mix.


Question: How long will the stain last?

Answer: If the stain is properly installed, it will not wear off unless you wear off the top layer of your concrete because the stain is in the floor not on it. A regular dust mopping and general cleaning practices will preserve the sealer and wax coatings.


Question: Will the stain produce an uniform color?

Answer: No, the stain will not overcome any color variance in your concrete. These natural variances are what give the marbling effect.


Question: How long with the product last?

Answer: This is dependent upon intended usage; whether you have ordinary household foot traffic or industrial warehousing traffic. If the surface is in direct sunlight or indoors. If this has been applied on an exterior surface or interior surface. Whether we have stained straight concrete or completed an overlay. This is a broad question and many variables are applicable, the stain can last from a couple of years to twenty years.  


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